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MarsCharger Lite

Charge friendly, live fearless.

Charging pistol
Lightweight material

Ultra-fast electric vehicle charging that prolongs battery life

The world’s most advanced patent-pending power management technology is revolutionizing the electric vehicle (EV) landscape by putting power where it belongs – back in your hands.

MarsCharge Lite is the only portable electric vehicle charger that prolongs battery life and is Level 1, 2, and 3 compatible.

Charge any electric vehicle, any time, with a lightweight charger that’s actually portable.

Charges all EVs

Seamlessly switch between Level-1, Level-2 (AC), and Level-3 (DC) charging capabilities, all in 1 unit, with MarsCharge’s patent-pending technology.

Longer battery life

MarsCharge’s proprietary algorithm maximizes charging efficiency for ultra-fast charging that doesn’t damage the EV’s battery like conventional supercharging.

More charging options

MarsCharger Lite doubles as an emergency AC charger to power your electronics or backup home generator when grid power goes out (*with grid disconnect installed).

Truly portable

MarsCharge Lite fits in any trunk and takes up less space than most emergency kits. We mean it when we say “portable.”

Charge friendly, live fearless

Works with all EVs

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Supercharging the electric vehicle revolution

First residential fast-charger

MarsCharge is the first residential fast-charger to provide Level-2 and Level-3 fast-charging – without upgrading the existing electrical system.

Networkable energy

SnapCharge™ two or more MarsChargers together to share and store energy from the grid or solar energy. Resilient backup power for more than just EV.

Vehicle-to-Grid enabled

Patent-pending grid-friendly technology allows power transfer back to a building’s AC power system, or users can sell excess power back to the grid itself.


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Technical Evaluation & Approval from the US Department of Energy.