MarsCharger Lite

The world’s most advanced, versatile, and truly portable EV charger.
Level 1, 2, and 3 charging that prolongs battery life.

Compatible with all EV makes & models

Meet the MarsCharger™ Lite

Never worry about taking your EV out of range again.

End range anxiety.
Charge friendly, live fearless

Performance Highlights

Performance Highlights

AC Voltage Nominal

120/208-240V (Single-Phase)

Total Energy Storage

120/208-240V (Single-Phase)

AC Real Power, Max Continuous

24 kW

Level-2 AC Charging: Max Power, Continous

19.2 kW

Level-3 DC Charging: Max Power, Continous

115 kW

Vehicle-to-Grid: Max Power Acceptance (AC& DC)

24 kW

Powered by patent-pending technologies

MarsCharge™ isn’t just a better EV charger. It’s patent-pending, grid-friendly technology that prolongs battery life & puts power where it belongs – back in your hands.


The only battery-friendly charging algorithm that protects your battery while it charges.

FlexiCharging™ technology works with the MarsCharge™ Charge Management System to tailor each charging cycle to its unique circumstances, like temperature, battery health, mileage, charge acceptance and more.

FlexiCharging™ uses a variety of charging algorithms to find the perfect balancing point between maximizing charging speed and battery longevity.

The result – electric vehicles charge faster and live longer, with less long-term battery damage than traditional supercharging.


Create your own power network by snapping together two or more MarsChargers™.

When connected to the SnapCharge™ intelligent central hub, multiple MarsChargers™ work together to act as an AC power source for a home or building, meaning your backup generator is built-in.

SnapCharge™ devices use the most advanced Machine Learning technology to automatically and efficiently distribute power between units and even prioritizes EV charging when a vehicle is plugged in.

When you’re ready to drive, simply un-snap a MarsCharge™ Lite and take it with you. Perfectly portable emergency power, for your vehicle and your home.

How MarsCharger™ Lite compares

Moveable EV chargers are nothing new, but our technology is.
Here’s how MarsCharge™ Lite stacks up:


Sparkcharge Roadie

Portable EV Charger

Level-3 DC Charging

AC Level-1 Level-2 Charging

SnapCharging™ Network


Charging Infrastructure Integration

Distributed Micro-Grid Energy Storage