MarsCharger Lite*


Electric Vehicle Charging Performance
Level-1 Charging Max Power 1.92kW
Level-2 Charging Max Power 19.2kW
Level-3 Charging Max Power, Peak 28kW
Est Miles of Charge Transferred to EV from Power Storage when Portable** 16 Miles
AC Power Supply Performance
AC Voltage Nominal 120/208-240V
Total Energy 4.5kWh
Real Power, Peak 16.8kW
Warranty and More
Weight*** 19kg (42lbs)
Warranty 10 years

* Prices and specifications are estimates and subject to change. All deposits are fully refundable at any time and for any reason.
** Based on estimated miles per kWh of Tesla Model 3 (4 miles per kWh).
*** When in their mobile capacity, MarsCharger™ (Megas) (SuperMegas)are motorized for lifting into vehicles.
For full specifications and estimated prices, please contact us and we’ll send you our comprehensive MarsCharger™ specifications booklet.

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