Residential Application

MarsCharge Inc.™ provides complete solutions for residential power systems. MarsCharger™ provide energy storage for different types of renewable energy. The system is easy to setup enabling owners to quickly realize the benefit of reliable, clean power. The Power Management System automatically shaves excess energy during peak production time periods. The Charge Management System provides optimal charging schedules, sequences, and algorithms to keep your EV battery charged while maximizing battery longevity.

Residential Application Illustration

A residential installation can consist of any number of MarsChargers™, EarthChargers™, and SnapCharge™ Networks. MarsChargers™ can plug into 120VAC or 208-240VAC wall outlets to provide AC power, or they can plug into a SnapCharge™ Network device that has been installed as part of a home’s electrical system. An example of typical residential installation is shown above. Two SnapCharged™ MarsCharger™ Standards are comparable to a Tesla Powerwall® (see specification page for more details). The SnapCharge™ Network device is connected to a homes subpanel as well as the EarthChargers™ inverter. The easy-to-use touch screen interface allows users to easily customize their system and track its performance. Once the EVs and the MarsChargers™ are fully charged, EarthChargers™ can put a home’s excess energy back onto the grid.