SnapCharge™ Networks

SnapCharge™ Networks are created by attaching muiltple MarsChargers™ together via power and communications cables to a SnapCharge™ device that act as an intelligent central hub. They can collectively act as AC power source for a building. In conjunction with FlexiCharging™ technology, it can provide all levels of charging for to an EV. The SnapCharge™ device utilizes the most advanced Machine Learning technology to automatically and hyper efficiently distribute power. MarsChargers™ of any size can snap in and out of the network at any time to be used in their portable capacity.

SnapCharging Networks


SnapCharging Networks

When snapped together, MarsChargers™ can collectively act as a home’s distibuted AC power source. One or more MarsCharger™ at a time will provide power until their battery is drained and then switch to the next indivdual or group of MarsChargers™.

FLEXICHARGING™ at Home with a

FlexiCharging at Home with a SnapCharging Networks

When snapped together, MarsChargers™ via FlexiCharging™ can collectively act as a Level-3 charger. The first MarsCharger™ Level-3 charges until its power storage is drained. The second and third MarsChargers™ connected to the network will subsequently provide their available DC power to Level-3 charge the EV until their stored power is drained.

FlexiCharging at Home with a SnapCharging Networks

In this particular case, once all MarsChargers™ are drained, the SnapCharge™ Network’s Charge Managment System directs the FlexiCharge™ settings to prioritize charging the EV before the MarsCharger™. AC power from the house is passed through the network to Level-2 charge the EV until its pack is fully charged and then charges the MarsChargers™ packs until full ..

Two SnapCharged™ MarsCharger™ vs Tesla Powerrall

MarsChargers™ have remarkable features in comparison to Tesla Powerwall®. Their portability and flexibility make them the ideal tool for any EV owner. MarsChargers Networks at any time and be used as portable chargers or AC power supplies. In terms of providing AC power to a home, MarsChargers™ two Standards is approximateky equivalent to one Tesla Powerwall®.

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