Powered by patent-pending technologies that are supercharging the EV revolution.

MarsCharge™ isn’t just a better EV charger. It’s patent-pending, grid-friendly technology that prolongs battery life & puts power where it belongs – back in your hands.

Created by cutting edge thinking, honed by a team with over a century of combined experience in the electric vehicle industry.

Charge & Power Management System

The most efficient and user-friendly EV charging experience, using real-time data and machine learning to achieve hyper-efficient power distribution that protects your EV battery.

MarsCharge™’s patent-pending Power Management System uses advanced machine learning to more effectively distribute power, both within individual MarsChargers™ and connected networks of SnapCharged™ MarsChargers™.

The Power Management System tracks system-wide performance in real-time and trains individual chargers and

collective networks to optimize energy efficiency while coordinating power distribution and control – meaning you get up-to-the-second information and unprecedented control over your EV charging.

MarsCharge™’s patent-pending Charge Management System works in conjunction with the Power Management System and FlexiCharging™ technology to use real-time data (like health, history, performance, and expected power demands) to select and sequence charge algorithms to deliver the fastest charge while maximizing the battery pack’s longevity.


An intelligent algorithm that extends battery life, maximizes energy efficiency, and provides Level 1, 2, and 3 charging.

No more searching for the right charger. Charge any EV, any time, from the same portable unit.

MarsChargers™ effortlessly switch between Level 1, 2, and 3 charging, including within the same charge, so MarsCharge™

can intuitively switch to whichever level is healthiest for your battery, without sacrificing a fast charge.

FlexiCharging™ technology uses an intelligent algorithm that finds the perfect balance between maximizing charging speed and battery longevity based on each unique charge’s circumstances, like temperature, battery health, predicted mileage, charge acceptance, and more.

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