Technology Description

Patent pending FlexiCharging™ technology allows MarsChargers™ to Level-1, Level-2, and Level-3 charge EVs, to integrate with existing electrical infrastructure or EV charging infrastructure, to sequence charge schedules according to user preferences, and to utilize a variety of charging algorithms to find that perfect balancing point between maximizing charging speed and battery longevity. FlexiCharging™ technology works with the MarsChargers™ Charge Management System to tailor each charging cycle to circumstances, such as temperature, battery health, predicted mileage, charge acceptance, and other parameters, to intellegently determine the optimal charge algorithms. It also works with the MarsChargers™ Power Management System that utilizes Machine Learning techniques to achieve hyper effficient power distribution.

FLEXICHARGING™ at Home with a MarsCharger™

FLEXICHARGING™ at Home with a MarsCharger™

In the first and second frame, a MarsCharger™ Level-3 charges an EV until power storage is exhausted. The third and fourth shows the MarsCharger™ taking AC power for Level-1 or Level-2 charging to, first, prioritize charging the EV’s pack until full and then, second, charge its owns battery.

FLEXICHARGING™ at an AC public charger with a MarsCharger™

FLEXICHARGING at an AC public charger with a MarsCharger

The frames above show a similar process as FlexiCharging™ at home except with a AC public charger. The MarsCharger™ Level-3 charges until its power storage is exhausted, employs the public charger to pass on Level-1 or Level-2 charging to charge the EV pack until full, and then uses the public charger to charge its own battery.