Portable. Versatile. Powerful. Patent pending MarsChargers™ are capable of providing Level-1, Level-2, and Level-3 charging, providing 12/24/48 Volts Direct-Current (VDC) power, and 120/208-240 Volt Alternating-Current (VAC) power to household appliances, electronic devices, and to residential and commercial buildings.


Patent pending FlexiCharging™ technology allows MarsChargers™ to switch between Level-1, Level-2, or Level-3 charging and to sequence the different charging levels according to user preferences. In conjunction with our patent pending Charge Management System, FlexiCharging™ utilizes the breadth of charging algorithms, from the simplest to most advanced, to assure that there’s always more than enough charge without sacrificing the battery pack’s longevity.


Patent pending SnapCharge™ Network technology allows multiple MarsChargers™ to be linked into a decentrailized micro-grid system capable of dual bi-directional energy flow. Our patent pending Power Management System makes power distribution through the network hyper efficient. MarsCharger™ of any size can snap in and out of the same the SnapCharge™ Network.