About Us

Our Mission

MarsCharge, Inc.™ is destined to eliminate electric vehicle Range Anxiety by providing an ecosystem of high quality, versatile, and robust energy storage, production, and distribution products.

‘Range Anxiety’ is the fear that an electric vehicle (EV) has insufficient range to reach its destination and would thus strand the vehicle’s oc­cupants. This problem stems from three primary issues. The first is cost of EV battery packs, the second is the range provided by the battery packs, and the third is charging speed, the widespread availability, and cost of fast-charging equipment. While major automakers are solv­ing the first two issues at an increasingly rapid pace, most solutions to the third problem are far too expensive, inefficient, and ineffective.

MarsCharge, lnc.’s™ innovative technology shatters the current paradigm of EV fast-charging by decentralizing energy storage into multi-level, portable, and networkable chargers configurable to virtually endless varieties of applications.

MarsChargers™, SnapCharge™ Networking, FlexiCharging™, and EarthChargers™ can be configured in almost any manner conceivable. MarsChargers™ are portable EV chargers with built-in Flexicharging™. MarsChargers™ SnapCharge™ Networks that intelligently share power and communication between MarsChargers™ via FlexiCharging™. EarthChargers™ are sustainable energy generators.

MarsCharge, lnc.’s products are designed to be flexible and multi-purpose. It can power homes, businesses, applianc­es, electronic devices, and especially EVs either on- or off-the-grid.

MarsCharge, Inc.™ provides cost effective and scalable soultions for all of your sustainable energy needs